I’m a food photographer working with – and for – chefs, restaurants and brands, creating enticing advertising, cook book and branding photography.

I began The Photographer’s Table as a platform to share my passion for food, and the interwoven threads of sustainability, heritage and culture. Storytelling is a key part of my photography, and is emphasised through the relationships with the clients I works with. Understanding the journey and emotion of those behind the dishes and brands are just as much a part of the image as the subject, and I explore these concepts throughout my work.

My work has been nationally recognised, and The Photographer’s Table has been pleased to work with leading brands such as Twinings and Hilltop Honey, and witnessed many images produced in both local and national publications. A recent project has allowed me to explore the connection between my photography and the written word, and I have welcomed the opportunity to develop further skills in design and typography.

I pride myself on my ability to manipulate natural light and my experimental approach to images, I have been shortlisted for the Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year 2019 award and selected as a finalist for the SAVEUR Blog Awards 2019 Best Photography category.